Head Teacher Challenges


1. Artistic Portraits- paint and draw like Picasso

73 Best Picasso: Art Project for Kids images | Art projects ...

Ever  wanted to draw and paint like Picasso?

Have a go at  trying to  draw and colour  a portrait like Picasso

Follow this link which  shows you step by step




2. Build a Bug hotel

Would  you like to help  mini-beasts and provide them with a safe home such as wood lice, ladybirds, bees  and many more?

There are many  suggested ways of building bug hotels but this  following idea is simple using products you may have at home, in the garden(if you have one) or find twigs when you go on your daily exercise.

You could use a plastic bottle cutting off the top and bottom so it is an open cylinder (maths 3D shapes link here)

1) Cut your bottle down to shape  - you may need help with this and be careful because the edges may be sharp.

2) Collect some small twigs, pieces of bark, small pine cones and other natural woody materials.


bug hotel for kids to make

 3) If you plan to hang your bug hotel, loop some garden twine round and then start layering your bug hotel. You can make one hotel for on the ground and one for hanging from a tree to see if will attract different creatures.

4) Stuff it tightly to make it nice and firm, so it doesn’t get blown about!

Easy Bug Hotel for Kids to make - Simple Bug Hotel - these bug hotels make the perfect Garden Craft for young explorers and scientists this Spring and Summer. Easy to assembly (a great garden craft for toddlers too!) and great for observation and exploration. Get closer to nature this summer, with this wonderful and easy garden craft for kids!! Love Bugs. Love Bug Hotel DIYs!!

Send me some photos when you start seeing any evidence of bugs living in your hotel.

3. Create a Rainbow on a plate

Try to create   a rainbow on a plate made out of  different  colourful foods.  

How healthy can you make it?

You could  draw pictures of the food or print out pictures or cut out from magazines.

egA Rainbow On Your Plate by Anjana Maitra      Rainbow Heart Of Fruits And Vegetables Stock Photo, Picture And ...    Learning Colors With Fruits and Vegetables Rainbow Rainbow ...

Try  creating a rainbow on a plate using skittles: Arrange your skittles and just add hot water into the centre of the plate and see what happens.  

Rainbow Magic with Skittles Candies! - YouTube


4. An alphabet of fun things to do at home.

Can you create your own alphabet of fun things to do? These are some of the St Paul's  staff's ideas:

A - apple bobbing,

B - bubble blowing, baking, bicycle ride/bird feeder, backgammon

C - card games, craft, cooking, collage, calligraphy,crocheting, chess

D - Design a rainbow, dance, dusting,den building, dress up as a favourite book character, draughts,

E - exercise, egg painting

F - Fitness, film day

G - games, gardening, play Guess Who, 

H - hoovering, hum a tune (guess the tune game)

I -  ice-lolly/ice-cream making,information finding (learn something new) 

J - Jigsaw , junk-modelling, jelly making, Jenga

K - karaoke, kite flying, knitting

L - lava lamp making, lego challenge, letter writing, lemonade making, Ludo

M - marble run, music night, make a mask 

N - noughts and crosses

O - orienteering round the garden, origami

P - painting, pottery , playdough

Q - quiz time quesadillas, 

R - reading, research, running

S - sewing, scavenger hunt, sing, slime making, Scrabble, Scategories

T - treasure hunt, threading, tidy out a cupboard, Trivial Pursuit

U - upload  photos, unload the washing machine/dishwasher,

V - video call, 

W - window art , watch a box set

X - xylography(art of carving shapes in something for printing), make a xylophone using  different containers

Y - yo-yo, yoga, make yogurt

Z - do a virtual tour of a zoo, pin the tail on a zebra, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, 

5, What can you do with empty egg boxes?

There are a whole range of 'egg'citing creative activities you can do with egg boxes,

Here are a few things you could try:

a) Egg-box ball game craft

A fun game for one to four players where you have to bounce a ball into the holes and tot up the scores

b)Egg-box cress heads craft - make gg box twins and sow seeds

Try sewing cress or mustard seed and then 'cutting the hair' of the twins to make egg and cress sandwiches,

c) Egg-box pirate’s treasure chest craft

Ahoy there! This bejewelled treasure chest 

d) Make a spotty dog mask

Try this series of Maths investigations using egg boxes:Levels 1 - 5






I hope you have 'egg'cellent fun!

6. Comfort box

During week one of the school closure I included this activity on the parentmail letter for families to  do together. The idea is to discuss the 7 different sensory items that would best support anxiety and worries and bring relief and calm.

All you need is a box, like a shoe box that can be decorated or covered with  favourite pictures or designs and then find things that meet each of the criteria.

Enjoy finding comfort!


7. VE Celebrations

What is VE Day?


Create your own bunting for VE Day

VE Day celebrations in lockdown


Make your own Victoria Sponge Cake to eat at your tea party

Victoria sponge recipe



Try this menu and eat like they would in 1944

1944 menu (click on thislink)




8. Try learning this song about families


9. Try this fabulous link to learning some great new songs.

There are loads of songs that can be learnt ( some of them are for older children ) the age-groups they are suitable for are also mentioned. This week's recommendation  by the Sing Up organisation is Baby Beluga.

My wish is for the children to  use the song 'Believe'. Play the performance track and bring up the lyrics too. This is song we do in school a lot.