The next Mental Health Awareness week is 10-16th May 2021

The theme is ' Connect with Nature'

Please find out more on this link:



Child Mental Health Awareness week: 1st - 9th February 2021

Please view this fantastic  Resource for mental Health awareness week.

The theme is Express Yourself


Origami is a great resource for  well-being. Try some of these activities here:

Paper dog:

Paper heart:

Paper butterfly:

Try this  very short story to express yourself  for young children:

Resources for parents and carers:

Try to learn these songs with the words on the screen: Rattle some keys or  tap  the back of a saucepan.

 If you want to be you :

Express Yourself:


Mental Health and Well-being

Useful Information for Parents Supporting their child during this difficult time:

Practical Help to support Parents:

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