St. Paul's Primary Curriculum Plans


At St. Paul’s we have designed a rich and broad curriculum to inspire, motivate and enthuse a joy of learning. We provide opportunities for our pupils to increase their knowledge and understanding of the world through a skills-based curriculum, in which we deliver the National Curriculum by promoting children to be independent, active thinkers through questioning and enquiry. Subject leaders have explored the progression of their subject from EYFS through to Year 6 and have developed a sequential long term plan for their subject that encompasses the interests and needs of the children at St. Paul’s school. 

We are an inclusive school with a strong family ethos, which has been at the heart of every decision. Children of all abilities are given the opportunity to access the curriculum whilst developing and building upon their skills. We encourage children to think creatively in collaboration with others using a problem solving process called TASC (Thinking Actively in a Social Context). This teamwork approach supports the development of social skills, increases positive self-esteem, extends academic knowledge and provides opportunities for children to learn new and relevant experiences. The curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of individual children, who access the Additional Resource Provision alongside the mainstream school.

Below you will find the long term plans for each year group with the skills that are developed within each subject area throughout the year. The skills are taught through a range of contexts; where possible, interlinking other subjects with the geography, history or science based theme for that half term. These themes and subjects maybe be approached at different times throughout the year, please see the class pages for up to date information on what the children will be learning this half term.  The children  are expected to learn key facts related to each subject in order to build upon their knowledge and understanding of the world.