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Learning to read is one of the most important things children will learn whilst at St Paul’s. Every child must become a confident and competent reader if they are to access all the opportunities our curriculum offers. In EYFS, children begin their love of reading through exploring books, developing book handling skills and actively participating in stories, rhymes and poems. These experiences provide children with an opportunity to encounter rich and diverse vocabulary along with encouraging language play. In Nursery, children also begin to develop their knowledge of phonemes by taking part in foundations for phonics sessions from the Little Wandle Scheme. In Reception and Year 1, all children take part in daily phonics lessons following the Little Wandle scheme, which ensures children learn the phonological code in a systematic approach. In addition, children work in reading practise groups to develop their decoding, prosody and comprehension skills using books that are closely matched to their phonetic abilities. Alongside these sessions, children are inspired through a range of stories, non-fiction texts and poems that develop their love of reading and understanding of wider curriculum areas. Children continue to take part in Reading Practise sessions using increasingly challenging texts. From Year 3 upwards, children take part in whole-class reading sessions using a quality text to develop their reading fluency and comprehension skills. For some children, daily phonics sessions are also in place using the Little Wandle scheme. Comprehension skills are taught based on the end of year expectations and the reading content domains. Children across school also can take books home to continue their reading journey. These books are carefully chosen to engage and inspire whilst continuing to be matched to children’s abilities. All classrooms at St Paul’s boast attractive reading areas that include various types of books, from graphic books to chapter books, non-fiction to comics, including dyslexia friendly books. Children are encouraged and time is given for them to access the reading areas throughout the school day.

Learning to Read with Little Wandle

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Our Reading Provision at St Paul's

The curriculum document here is accurate as of September 2023. We continually review the fine detail of the curriculum content to ensure it meets the needs of our pupils.  As a result, these ongoing small changes may not be reflected in the document below.