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Welcome to our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) page. We hope you will enjoy reading about the variety of ways in which St Paul’s Church of England Primary School is able to support SEND pupils to reach their full potential. We are a fully inclusive school that pride ourselves on our skilled staff and working with families to find the best support for their children. 

The SENDCO, here at St Paul's is Miss S Birkett and can be contacted via the school office - 0161 6249019


"Together  we Grow,Love to Learn, Shine and make a Difference"

Our SEND Vision:


Everyone at St. Paul's works together as a team to support and nurture all children. We form and maintain caring relationships with families,staff and external agencies to ensure the best support is available for children with any additional needs.

"We grow"

All children are given opportunities to celebrate their progress whether this be academic or in other areas in which children excel.Children grow together with an open mind set to what they can achieve. They accept each other as individuals, celebrating all differences as being unique members of the school


All  children are loved for being individuals within an inclusive  environment.Our children feel cared for,nurtured and respected by each other. Through our ethos all children are taught the importance of loving themselves and each other through the strong values and spirituality promoted throughout school. Children learn to develop resilience in order to 'Shine and Make a Difference' to others through acceptance, patience and self-control.

"To Learn"

All children, no matter what needs they may have, are entitled to an opportunity to learn and be excited about learning alongside each other. Skilled staff in school adapt their teaching strategies to ensure all children have an opportunity to access their learning at their own pace and level. All staff are teachers of SEND with high levels of specific training tailored to understand a wide range of additional needs across  the school.


The school celebrates all levels of  progress and attainment identifying the smallest steps can be huge milestones for some. From Nursery right through to year 6 and in our Additiional Resourced provision, staff  develop individual learning plans for all children who may require addiitonal support in order to succeed.Our newsletters celebrate out of school successes to bringing an holistic approach to celebrating the whole child.

"Make a Difference"

We believe every child matters and as Children of god deserve to be given every opportunity to amek a poistive difference for themselves and as servant leaders make  a differenceto others. Our staff believe that all behaviour IS Communicaion and willalways strive to find different ways of supporting all of our children both academically and mentally; always going the extra mile to 'Makea Difference' to our children.



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SEND Summary annual report for Governors July 2023

SEND Summary annual report for Governors July 2022




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Send white paper March 2022

Mrs Henderson has been part of the consulation process in Oldham Local Authoirty when discussing the implications surrounding provision for young people who require spcialist provision to cater for their needs.

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The summary can be found here



Percentage of 

St. Paul's School 


National Average in January 2021

(as published in June 2021)


Education Care and 

Health Plans 




St. Paul’s average is higher 

due to the presence of the 

Resource Provision for 

children with Autism and 

other social communication 


Special Education 

Needs Support


SEN - Class Interventions: 20.2%

SEN - Outside agencies, PCP in place: 2.8%