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Rainbow Flag Award


This year we have begun our journey to becoming a Rainbow Flag school. There are six sections to gain for achieving a full Rainbow Flag Award:

Skilled TeacherSupportive Governors and ParentsEffective PoliciesPastoral SupportInclusive curriculum and Student Voice.

Currently we have achieved: Skilled Teacher 

What is it?

The Rainbow Flag Award has been set up as a framework for schools. The award focuses on positive inclusion of the LGBT+ community and it is a whole school inclusive approach that also develops strategies to effectively challenge phobic bullying.

This supports our children by:

  • Providing an awareness that people live their lives in different ways;
  • Acknowledging that it is usual to have families of different dynamics;
  • Acknowledging that it is usual to be straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans;
  • Having an awareness that if we use these terms in a negative way, it can hurt people’s feelings;
  • Avoiding the prejudiced use of stereotypes;
  • Confidence / reassurance to be who they want to be.

Our School

  • We will empower the children to feel safe in our school community;
  • They will feel respected;
  • And if they wish to talk, they will be listened to;
  • If a child wished to talk, then as we are a primary school, we would ensure that the child knew that they didn’t have to label themselves now, that there is no pressure unless they wish to use a label and let them know that they may change how they feel and the label they give themselves throughout their lives – having a label is a choice;
  • If we improve the visibility of LGBT to be accepted as part of our diverse world then the children will grow up to be respectful and inclusive of all those around them in their communities;
  • School policies will adopt an inclusive approach to all minority groups.


Initially, the children will be introduced to the aims of the Rainbow Flag Award and the terminology of the LGBT community in their classes as a stand alone Rainbow Flag lesson. Parents will be informed as and when these lessons will take place, which will include sharing a book that prompts discussion at age appropriate levels. . After this, we will be delivering an inclusive curriculum for example: if a lesson introduces an important person, then their identity would be mentioned e.g. Andy Warhol was a gay man and most famous for his painting of Marilyn Monroe - the focus will be on the art skills of the artist but the lesson has been inclusive of LGBT people. We will also celebrate National diversity days. Below is a display from the Autumn Term, all about how rainbows are a symbol for hope (related to the pandemic); God's promise (related to Noah's Ark) and Rainbow Flag Award (related to being special and unique and proud of ourselves).



   How you feel about others

Orientation – Who you are attracted to – Who you fancy

Lesbian – A woman attracted to another woman

Gay – Attracted to a person of the same gender

Bi – Attracted to your own gender and other genders

Straight – Attracted to a person of the opposite gender

  How you feel about yourself

Trans – How you feel on the inside

Gender – A part of your identity



  • Church of England, click here - Valuing all God's Children

'Church of England schools must ensure that their pupils are secure and able to make excellent progress whatever their background.They are invited into a school that aims to provide an education which leads to an abundant life. Every person in the school community is a child of God. At the heart of Christian distinctiveness in schools is an upholding of the worth of each person: all are Imago Dei – made in the image of God – and are loved unconditionally by God.The hallmark of authentic, life-giving relationships is recognition of the sacredness of the other so that all are welcomed wholeheartedly and with reverence. Each person in all their unique difference should be able to thrive, irrespective of physical appearance, gender,race,religion, ethnicity,socioeconomic background, academic ability, disability,sexual

orientation or gender identity.'


  • OFSTED, click here - Inspecting Teaching of Protected Characteristics in School

'No matter what type of school they attend, it is important that all children leave with an understanding of the world they are growing up in, having learned how to live alongside, and show respect for, a diverse range of people. When we inspect schools, we assess how well they equip children to do this.'


  • Policies, please click on the 'Virtual Office' pencil to find 'School Policies'

The following policies show the inclusivity of LGBT+ people in a diverse school: Anti-bullying policy, Child protection and Safeguarding policy, RSHE policy, PE policy, the Equality Statement and the School Prospectus.

Support and further information 

Click on each title to find out more

  • Rainbow Flag Award

The Rainbow Flag Award is a national quality assurance framework for primary schools, secondary schools, SEND schools and colleges. The award focuses on positive LGBT+, (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, plus other related identities), inclusion and visibility. Here you can find out more about the award we are aiming to achieve.

  • Just Like Us

This is a charity that supports young people and schools 

They hold a School Diversity Week each year

There is a student members section under school and Pride groups where children can talk about their issues or simply socialise in a safe environment

  • Time for Inclusive Education (TIE)

This website provides resources that teachers may reference or use in their lessons. 

It also provides a VOICES section, where you can read about the viewpoints parents of LGBT+ children

  • Irish National Teacher's Organisation (INTO)

‘Different Families, Same Love’ helps to support teachers to effectively implement the Anti-Bullying Procedures, with strategies to address homophobic and transphobic bullying.

  • The Proud Trust

If you need support? you can find your nearest youth group.

Identify educational resources that teachers may reference