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Mental Health and Wellbeing at St. Paul's

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Our mental health and wellbeing at St. Paul's is theologically rooted:

1 Cor 13:13 Faith Hope Love – Encouraging Bible Verses

1 Corinthians 13:13


Love yourself, Love others and live well

At St. Paul's we have a special approach to supporting children and the school community with their Mental Health and Wellbeing. We want to give our community faith that we can support mental health; hope that  those receiving this nurture and care will find light in their lives to shine and make a difference to themselves and others; and ultimately be able to floursih and learn how to love to live well.

This is strongly rooted iin our Vision particularly spiritually, where we want  to help our children to love themselves, to love each other and live well.  We aim to encourage all children to be resilient, confident, kind and conscientious individuals who celebrate their differences and can support each other positively through their school journey.


Our school Mental Health and Well Being Team is:

Overall Mental Health Lead: Mrs H Henderson(Head teacher)

Senior Mental Health Lead:  Mrs H Green (Deputy Head Teacher and Messy Play lead)

Pastoral Leads: N Ahmed (LSA  and TISUK practitioner including ELSA)

H Anderson (pasotral intervention primarily for SEMH and ASC pupils

interventions: S Voaden (messy play)

S Pearce (Art therpay)

H Hildtich (Pet therapy)

H Henderson (Music therapy)


Safeguarding Team:

 Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs H henderson

Other DSL's: Mrs H GreenMrs H Hilditch

EYFS  DSL: Miss K Vinter

Governor for Safeguarding: Mrs J Wright


The Dfe's guide to the eight principles of an effective whole lschool approach to mental health and wellbeing that we  folow at St. Paul's

Promoting a whole school or college approach to mental health and wellbeing  | CYPMHC


Our  Mental Health Vision at St. Paul's


Agencies, children staff and parents work together and feel the importance of being a family team with a joint goal towards a positive mindset and an understanding of how to support each other with their mental health.


Children learn to grow with a better understanding about themselves spiritually and to understand the imortance of loving themselves and others through honesty, forgiveness, self-control , patience and humility.(Fruits of the spirit). They learn the importance of making mistakes and using resilience to manage difficult situations.


Children learn to understand the imiportance of giving and receiving love; how this makes others feel and the iimpact this special spiritual understanding of themselves can have.



Cildren will learn how to be resilient, caring and emotionally mature individuals. They will learn about their feelings, their zones of regulationi and how to treat others with respect by learning to respect themeselves first. They learn to be role models to others and how to demonstrate positive ways to deal with emotions.



All children  should feel they are valued,loved and respected. We help our children to become confident in themselves,  to celebrate their achievements no matter how small and to be given the opportunity to share their positivity with others. All interventions to support mental health promote positive wellbeing and provide children with a deeper understanding about their emotions relating to different parts of their lives so they can learn to shine.



The school's apporach to mental health and wellbeing is to support our families and  makae a difference to their emotinal outlook about themselves ad others. Our interventions,  personal support and nurture  are carefully structured and  managed so that every child is  considered unique and individual and therefore are responded to with personal  love and care to enable our children to flourish.


Further support document can be found HERE


Please  find our mental health policy below.


Thrive model. How we use this approach to support our school community and promote positive mental health


The next mental health awareness week 2024 is 21-24th May 2024

The theme is ' Anxiety'




The next mental health awareness week is  15th-21st may 2023

The theme is 'Anxiety'



The next Mental Health Awareness week is 10-16th May 2021

The theme is ' Connect with Nature'

Please find out more on this link:




Child Mental Health Awareness week: 1st - 9th February 2021

Please view this fantastic Resource for mental Health awareness week.

The theme is Express Yourself



Origami is a great resource for well-being. Try some of these activities here:

Paper dog:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD4Gv3s3QH8

Paper heart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9WV4Mm0En8

Paper butterfly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glprCZujOeY

Try this very short story to express yourself for young children:


Resources for parents and carers:


Try to learn these songs with the words on the screen: Rattle some keys or tap the back of a saucepan.

 If you want to be you :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzy1O3NOE4s

Express Yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKpVM9QQzIs


Mental Health and Well-being

Useful Information for Parents Supporting their child during this difficult time:

Child Friendly explanation of covid-19

Guidance from Ed psychology

Keeping Calm during this difficult time

Kooth resources offering counselling services

Talking to children about Coronovirus


Practical Help to support Parents:

Short video to explain how to use the resources below:



1. Well-being activities


Creating a routine:


Our Feelings diary:


Feelings chart:


Coping Toolbox:


Dealing with change:


Staying Connected:


Worry Jar


Ways to feel better:


SEN resources visuals to support children and emotions


2. Resilience Building activities





What makes a good friend


Dealing with Anger


Change and Loss


Maintaining positive relationships (click on this link)