Hindle Drive, Oldham, OL2 5LU
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Staff 2023.2024


Staff Member   Role                 
Mrs. H. Henderson                                                

Head Teacher /Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Director of the Oldham Learning board

Member of the Board of Education for the Diocese of Manchester by the Bishop's appointment

TISUK Practitiioner

ARP(The Vine) Manager/ Mental Health and Well-Being / Music /  RSE / Choir

Mrs. H. Green

Deputy Head Teacher (SLT)

Deputy DSL

Maths / RE /  Collective Worship / Assessment / Curriculum / Teaching and Learning / Attendance Officer 


Mrs. H. Hilditch

Assistant Head Teacher (SLT)

Deputy DSL

Y6 Class teacher

KS2 Lead / Maths / Assessment / PTA / Pupil Premium / Family Liaison


Miss. S. Birkett  


Deputy DSL

ECT Co ordinator


Mr. M. Chetham  

ARP Lead teacher and Co-ordinator

Geography / SEND support / Augmentative & Alternate Communication Lead


Mr. T. Voaden  

Y5 Class Teacher

Computing / Eco Lead


Miss. G. Woolley  

Y4 Class Teacher

PE / Spanish


Miss. N. Jabeen  

Y3 Class teacher

ECT 1 (Science Shadow support)


Mr. W. Russell  

Y2 Class Teacher

KS1 Lead / English / Phonics / History / EAL & INA / Learning Environment Support / ECT Mentor


Miss. N. Sloan  

Y1 Class Teacher

ECT 2  (Geography Shadow support)


Miss. K. Vinter  

Reception Class Teacher  (EYFS DSL)

EYFS Lead / Forest School


Miss. D. Andrew  

Nursery Teacher



Miss. L. Chadderton  

PPA Teacher for Nursery/Reception/Year 1

Forest School / Art

ECT cover Y1



Learning Support Assistants including HLTA and Pastoral Lead

Mrs. I. Rani (HLTA)  - PSHCE Lead Miss. N. Ahmed (Pastoral Lead / ELSA / TISUK) Mrs. H. Howarth Mrs. A. Legge
Mrs. I. Rani (HLTA)  - PSHCE Lead Miss. N. Ahmed (Pastoral Lead / ELSA / TISUK) Mrs. H. Howarth Mrs. A. Legge
Miss. C. Fox  Mrs. S. Voaden
Mrs. L. Wood - Wake Up Shake Up/Dance Miss. C. Fox  Mrs. S. Voaden

Miss. J. Fletcher (HLTA)

PPA Cover for  Y4 & 5

Art and DT Lead

Mrs. G. Lutley (three days in Nursery) Mrs. M. Carnell (two days in Nursery) Mrs. S. Pearce Miss. E. Lees
Miss. C. Rusk (1:1 support across  EYFS and KS1) Mrs. S. Akhter Mrs. L. Booth

Miss. H. Anderson

(Pastoral Support)

Office Staff

Miss. B. Peacock (Office Leader) Mrs. J. Jubb(Office Clerk)

Premesis Staff

Mr. S. Jenkinson (Site Manager) Mr. J. Beadman Mrs. R. Glynn

Midday Supervisors

Mrs. M. North (Lead Midday Supervisor Mrs. R. Glynn Mrs. J. Sidlow
Mrs. D. Cook Mrs. J. Byron  

Music Staff

Mr. Hadfield (Guitar) Mr. Lord (Violin) Mrs. Butterworth (Keyboard) Mr. Webb (Brass)